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Providing the latest technology in Bidet Toilet Seats & Integrated Bidet Toilets known as "Japanese Toilets"

Seren-Bidet combines the best Wash & Dry toilet seat and Integrated Bidet Toilet manufacturers from all around the world. We strive for excellence; we are not interested in cheap or overestimated products. We have years of experience and more than just retailers, offering complete technical support. Our products have achieved remarkable success in many countries worldwide.

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Caring for the environment is our passion. Seren-Bidet stands for changing bathroom habits and urges people to use Wash & Dry toilet seats for health (and other advantages) instead of toilet paper. Seren-Bidet urges you to think about changing your bathroom habits. Seren-Bidet’s Wash & Dry toilet seats and Integrated Bidet Toilets are designed for everyday life.

Electronic Bidet (known as Japanese Toilets) was introduced over 30 years ago and now it has become a necessary home appliance, especially in Japan and Korea.

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Seren-Bidet supports the health care industry, as well as assistive technology and independent living associations.
When we get older, using the restroom can become an increasingly difficult task.  Some turn to care-givers for assistance.  This can lower a person’s self-esteem having to depend on someone else to use the toilet.  A bidet seat can help restore confidence and allow you to regain your independence!

There are several advantages of using a bidet over toilet paper.  Certainly, the environmental impact is a big one since bidets can reduce toilet paper consumption by 75% or more. But the most compelling reason to use a bidet is that they are cleaner, more comfortable and more hygienic.

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Electric bidet toilet seats are suitable for everyone who wants to improve their toilet hygiene and reduce the use of toilet paper.

Main advantages of this type of toilet seats are convenience, luxury and ease of use.

Installation is as easy as replacing your toilet seat. No major plumbing works required.

Electric bidet seats come standard with a heated seat. They also include warm water front and rear wash and warm air dryer.

Electric bidet toilet seats are also useful for the elderly, the disabled,

or people with limited mobility.

Pipe Leak Fibreglass Repair Wrap - Save

Composite Repair Wrap for Buildings

OK Band is a strong, permanent and economical repair that can mend any kind of pipe and hose. Working on wet, dry, clean, dirty and under-water conditions, it's an ideal alternative to traditional methods such as cementing, soldering, welding and replacement.

OK Band is a self-contained kit that includes a resin fiberglass tape within foil bag, epoxy putt, a pair of protective gloves and complete installation instructions.

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Exclusive state-of-art digital technology presents this new luxury which enables temperature, water pressure and time control with just a click of a button or remote control use.Therefore you no longer need to be startled by a sudden fall of water from your shower nozzles nor wait a long time until water gets warm enough. All bathroom objects including shower head, toilet tank, toilet paper holder etc. will be designed with simplicity and space efficiency which is enabled by various types of attachable cabinets and the built-in system.

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Integrated Toilet and Bidet in one.

That is the ultimate pairing of pure, ergonomic design and customised personal cleansing, operated  via a touchscreen LCD remote control.

It comes with touch-less flushing, one touch remote control functionality, seamless, hygienic rimless bowl and built in UV self-cleansing bidet.

The temperature of the heated seat can be adjusted for optimal comfort. And for total peace of mind, the bowl can be LED lit for night time visits.



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