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Seren Bidet - No.1 European Smart Bidet Seat (Known as Japanese Toilet) in Australia

Maro D'Italia Bidets FP Series 

No.1 AQUALET in Italy

(AQUALET / WASHLET is a toilet that cleans you with water)


These toilet bidet seats do not use an outlet and are instead powered only by water pressure which makes them environmentally friendly. Just like electric models, they are easy to install and use.

New Sensation Among Toilet Bidet Seats.
Maro D'Italia FP104/106/108 is a non electric operated bidet seat that can be fitted onto most existing toilet systems. Installation is as easy as replacing your toilet seat. No major plumbing works required. It is that simple!
Maro D'Italia FP104/106/108 lets you maintain high level of toilet hygiene at low cost as it is inexpensive to own one. Because of its non-electric operation, the running costs are very low.
- The Original non-electric Washlet with 35% higher water pressure!

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